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Student exchanges for 8-17 year olds

Accepting applications now for the 2020/2021 academic 


About us

Exchange Families International ("EFI") specializing in reciprocal exchanges for children ages of 8-17 between France, Spain, Germany, United States, and Canada. 


We offer a variety of services from one-month summer exchanges to full six-month cultural and linguistic exchanges.


EFI offers unlimited support throughout all stages of our student exchange programs. We answer questions, oversee linguistic progress, and facilitate communication between the two families. 


We provide the perfect combination of high-quality experiences with personal service. 


EFI connects two children from carefully selected families from different countries. These families share common interests, values, and goals.  The children have the opportunity to discover a new culture and language with the support of a host family and our organization. 


Our program fully immerses children in their new lives, which creates an environment where children learn a new language in the most effective and successful way possible. 

Two children of the same age that spend so much time together each gain a new family. These connections often last a lifetime.



Explore the world together

The two children spend the same amount of time in each home helping one another learn the language and customs of their country. By matching families with shared interests, values, and goals, children can easily settle into their new life and focus on being immersed in their adopted culture. Learning a language through immersion offers the best possible opportunity to become fluent in a new language. 


Children having spent time supporting one another in each of their countries become bonded and their relationships among the siblings and families often last a lifetime! Many children will travel back and forth for years visiting one another.


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