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Exchange Families International is here to help! We understand the importance of proper support to help students thrive on their adventure abroad. EFI provides unlimited support throughout the entire process from pre-trip training, to in-country support, and post trip follow up.


Here is how we will support you:


  • Hand selected matching process to find complimentary families for each family and student

  • Family meetings throughout each country to help prepare the student for living abroad

  • Assistance in travel and visa processes

  • Pre-departure webinars

  • Assistance with school forms and regulations, if applicable


In-country support: 

  • Multiple checkins* within the first month and then monthly checkins thereafter

  • Language assessments from qualified linguistic specialists

  • In-country support while students are abroad

  • 24 hour emergency assistance


Post trip follow up:

  • Re-entry support available for all students, if needed

  • Feedback on the program

  • Discuss continued engagements and opportunities within the community


*All checkin and language assessments are done either in person or by video calls.

Any problems or concerns are addressed and supported by an EFI director.

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