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length of programs 

Choose the length that works best for you

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Short Stay

Students spend up to six months together in total and up to three months living in each country. Students in this program have the opportunity to go to school, enroll in activities, and integrate into their new family. Three months is enough time to get a good linguistic base and a feel for how you live in another culture. This program is more flexible with departure times throughout the year but most exchanges do start in September and January.

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Want an introduction to a new culture and country? This summer exchange program may be perfect for you. Four weeks gives you the opportunity to connect to a new family and dip your toes into living abroad. You will spend up to four weeks in your new home and an additional four weeks hosting your exchange partner. This program is great for children who do not have time to be away from home for long periods due to other commitments or are not ready to commit to a full linguistic program.

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Long Stay

Students spend up to one year together and up to six months in each country. This is our most popular program as even students with no foreign language skills can gain fluency in a new language. Each student will spend a full school semester in another country and become part of a new family. Students who spend this much time together can develop a strong bond for life and often continue to visit each other over the years.  

Find your adventure!

Exchange Families International offers a wide variety of programs and countries to explore. Your opportunity to live abroad is waiting for you. Be the next adventurer!


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