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An international organization of caring families

Exchange Families International ("EFI") facilitates cross-cultural education through full cultural and linguistic reciprocal exchanges for children ages of 8-17.  Students gain a better connection to a country by living in a supportive and caring family rather than by simply experiencing a country as a tourist. We turn the world into a classroom and provide experiential learning that enhances their academics. We believe the best learning comes from students pushing themselves past the comfort zone of home and school and embracing the challenges of living immersed in a supportive community. 

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“Because traveling together is better!”

Explore the world together

By matching families with shared interests, values, and goals, children can easily settle into their new life and focus on being immersed in their adopted culture. The two exchange students spend an equal amount of time in each home helping one another learn the language and customs of their country. Learning a language through immersion offers the best possible opportunity to become fluent in a new language.

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Our mission:

We carefully select and vet families from different countries that share common interests, values, and goals, who want their children to have the opportunity to discover a new culture and language while immersed in a reciprocal exchange.


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