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What is right for you


Here are some questions for you to consider as you research which exchange organization is best for you:

  1. How well do you get to know your families and students?

  2. How do you vet your families?

  3. What does the application and matching process look like?

  4. What are the typical qualifications of your staff?

  5. How often do you check in with the students and how is this done?

  6. How do directors communicate with a student’s family?

  7. What assistance is given to organize travel documents and obtain student visas?

  8. Do linguistic specialists conduct your language assessments? What is involved?

  9. How do you mitigate and respond to problems?


Meet EFI: We have directors and staff touring all of our offered countries and meeting with prospective students and families. Connecting in-person is a great way to hear about our program.

Exchange Families International abides by all regulations and requirements set out by:

  • The Ministries of Education for the Provinces of Canada,

  • Federal laws and SEVIS regulations of the Department of Homeland Security

  • US Immigration and Customs,

  • Quality assurance standards throughout the European Union Member States.

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