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Partnership Programs

A Partnership adds meaning and value 

Having a school partnership with Exchange Families International sets your school apart! It provides a way for your students to achieve advanced language skills, develop personal growth, and gain an understanding of global cultures without any expensive overhead costs to your school. Your school receives all the benefits without any of the expense! 


EFI invests our time in ensuring that students are prepared and ready to participate in their exchange. We abide by all of the regulations and requirements set out by:


  • The Ministries of Education for the Provinces of Canada

  • Federal laws and SEVIS regulations of the Department of Homeland Security

  • US Immigration and Customs

  • Quality assurance standards throughout the European Union Member States


Entering into a partnership with EFI provides a collaborative relationship that grants your school access to a successful global program! 

Click on the link to get in contact with an EFI director who will be happy to discuss your schools opportunities!

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