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Going abroad as a teen

Making the most of your teenage years!

Learning to be comfortable in unfamiliar circumstances becomes a catalyst for growth. Each exchange experience helps the student develop personal confidence, self-reliance, and leadership skills that can only be gained through experiential learning and transformational education. This type of learning is “beyond the textbook.”

An international reciprocal exchange can help you:

  • Achieve fluency in a new language

  • Gain advanced vocabulary

  • Make lifelong friendships

  • Develop an appreciation of the host country and culture

  • See world events and news from a more global perspective

  • Have the freedom to explore who you are

  • Try new activities and eat new foods

These are additional benefits that you may not have considered, including:

  • Transfer credits for international studies (high school/university)

  • Test into/out of advanced language classes

  • Academic advantages over your peers

  • Preferred University admissions

  • Possible collegiate scholarships

  • Enhanced global career opportunities

  • Personal confidence in travelling

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