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your age shouldn't stop you

Exchange Families International offers exchange experiences for children ages 8-17. What is the is significant about those ages? How can children as young as 8 participate in an international exchange? The answer lies in the beauty of childhood. When young children are on an exchange they often assimilate seamlessly into a family, accepting differences naturally. Sending a child young also takes advantage of the “window of opportunity,” a time when the brain is better equipped to absorb languages.

  • Integrate easier into school and family life.

  • Learn through play and fun

  • Not afraid to make mistakes

  • ​Learn a language faster with less of an accent

  • Can hear and mimic nuances in diction and dialect

  • Live in the moment as they have a lessened concept of time and do not count the days away from home

  • Kids accept differences easier

  • Have less academic pressure 

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