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HOW TO Get Started

you never know until you go!

The Application process is how we get to know our families. Each family and student go through a formal process where we gather the required information ensuring we uphold the highest safety and security standards. By customizing the matching process we are able to give each student the opportunity for a great experience and the ability to bring out the best in themselves while being supported by a loving and caring family.


How do we do this? We realize that each student and family is unique and our application process considers the family’s values, interests, goals, and dynamics. When pairing our students we never match them simply because they are the same age, but instead match students that have similar hobbies, interests, and compatible personalities. Our directors personally review every application file and interview each student and family prior to matching.


The application process is the same in all countries. Families are required to complete the application package which includes the following:

  • Student Application 

  • Family Application

  • Family Emergency and Contact Form

  • Health Form

  • School Information Form

  • Photos of their home, both inside and out

  • Photos of the family and their lifestyle

  • Personal referrals and references

  • School report cards

  • Criminal background checks

  • Family interview


The student and their family are also required to attend an EFI family meeting and training sessions. These meetings help prepare students for their exchange and give families the information and the support they need to successfully host and send their child abroad.

Fill out the form below in your preferred language to receive an application package for exchange starting as early as spring of 2025!

Now accepting Applications for Exchanges starting in The SPRING of 2025.
European Application deadline is October 23, 2024,
North American Application deadline is November 15
, 2024.


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