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Short Stay 

  • Six months together and up to three months living in each country

  • Three months provides a good linguistic base and a feel for another culture.

  • Students can attend school, enroll in activities, and integrate into their new family

  • Flexible departure times throughout the year but most exchanges do start in September and February.

Exchanges between North American/ United Kingdom & European families: €2500 | £2100 | $2500 USD | $2800 CAD

Exchanges between Intra-European families (Non-English exchanges): €1700

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You will realize that adventures are the best way to learn.

What your fees include :
  • Hand-selected match based on common interests, age, personality, hobbies, and family dynamics

  • Screening and selection with personal interviews

  • Administration fees

  • Family Orientation

  • Linguistic report(s)

  • 24hr emergency contact

  • Coaching and problem solving

  • Unlimited support and contact with representatives

  • New Family meetings and interviews in all participating countries

What your fees do not include :
  • Medical travel insurance

  • Flight costs, cancellation, or change fees

  • Passport fees

  • Private school fees (applicable only in the USA and Canada)

  • Background check fees (required of all adults living in the home)

*No money will change between families, each family incurs the expenses of an exchange child living with them.

Application fee of $200 | €200 | £200 (not included in any program cost) is due when the application is submitted and is a non-refundable administrative fee.

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