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Our students love to learn, and nowhere is that more apparent than in schools. Teachers, counselors, school staff, and administrators play an important role in the lives and experiences of our students and their complete cultural and linguistic immersion. We are happy to work within school requirements and timelines and our directors are always available to assist teachers and schools with any required documentation or to answer any questions.

Foreign students that come to your school district simply need to be treated like a normal student at their grade level. English as a Second Language (ESL) classes and translation services are not necessary as students are learning through complete immersion. This means there are no additional costs or extra resources required by a school. Additionally, native language classes should not be offered as the goal is complete immersion in the foreign language. If possible, exchange siblings should be enrolled in different classes, allowing each student to form their own relationships and experiences. Depending on English proficiency and the child’s age, some school work may initially need to be decreased. All students are expected to work and participate to the best of their ability. In our experience, EFI students are successful at assimilating quickly. Upon completion of their studies, confirmation of courses and enrollment may be requested from the school.

Download our school brochure to assist you in speaking with your school.

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