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Tabatha and Tiffany are both professionals whose children have completed a combined total of fifteen exchanges abroad. Exchanges have changed our lives and the lives of our families. We know what it is like from the first moment you receive your exchange news, to loving an exchange child as your own, sending your own one abroad, and how to create relationships that can last a lifetime.


Tabatha lives in British Columbia with her husband and three children. She went to university for criminology and psychology and after 16 years working as paramedic changed careers and became an exchange director. Tabatha has enjoyed helping families and children connect on exchanges and seeing the transformation and growth of the children throughout their adventure. She has lived abroad in St. Maarten and France and enjoys traveling, skiing, and mountain biking. 


Tiffany lives in Minnesota with her husband and five children on a hobby farm. She went to law school and practiced as a criminal prosecutor before following her passion for teaching. For fifteen years she enjoyed teaching a variety of subjects, including languages, but has found her work helping families and children in exchanges to be some of the most rewarding in her career. Tiffany was an exchange student herself and has studied abroad while in high school, at university, and at law school. She enjoys travel, reading, gardening, and spending time with her family.


Children and families are hand picked and personally matched carefully because the key to success is finding families with similar interests and family dynamics. Children that are kept active and engaged during an exchange thrive in their new environment. Learning a new language becomes fun and exciting and is absorbed effortlessly. Immersion works!  It is the best and most natural way to learn any language.  


An EFI exchange is based on the idea that children and families spend up to an entire year together helping each exchange child learn a language. During this process the families become close and friendships are formed. Exchange Families International offers unlimited support throughout all stages of the student exchange program. We answer questions, oversee linguistic progress, and facilitate communication between the two families. 

EFI provides the perfect combination of high-quality experiences with personal service. This support produces a positive experience and fluent children and many children return to do second and third exchanges.


We are passionate believers that exchanges can make the world a better place… one exchange at a time!




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